About Us

Kong Security Service is a unique partnership formed by experienced and dedicated individuals whose careers in public safety, risk management and security analysis cover many years in local as well as international operations and assignment. The company comes into security industry at a time when both public and private players must examine the traditional methods of operations in order to identify opportunities and do things differently to cope with the ever increasing challenges in an unpredictable security environment.

Kong Security is company made of people passionate about SECURITY. We partner with smart organisations and businesses as yours to provide security guarding solutions. Our Security Officers are professionaly trained.

We offer a range of security services centralised around high quality and top standards, our code of conduct remains the same for all security provisions.
Are you looking for a professional security guarding service which you can rely on and take pride in making them part of your business.....? you are not going to be disappointed with Kong security Service.

Our Mission:
Our mission is To continually offer security services that meet our clients’ needs, to secure your business and assets whilst maintaining high professional standards which are expected from any world leading organisations. Hence giving clients confidence in our services.

Our Vision:
To be a regional Security Partner of choice.

Our Values:
Our Value is our PROMISE. We deliver on PROMISE.

Passion, Resilience, Ownership, Integrity, Simplicity, Efficiency

We take pride in what we do. We believe in what we do, we’re passionate about standards, quality, value and positive outcome. We put our heart at what we do, we’re serious about getting it right first time whilst remaining flexible to continuously improve on our structure, process and performance to continually evolve value –adding initiatives that brings that smile of satisfaction onto a clients’ face- We’re passionate about that smile.

We partner to succeed. With our partnering ethos,we won’t come to your establishment to tick boxes, we come in, hold your hands and partner with you to enhance safety and security

Our word is our bond. We do what we say we’ll do. Our business is an ethical one, our people are highly qualified and certified. Our corporate integrity goes back a long way, and a lot of effort, good work and resources was brought to bear to get us to where we are. We’ll do nothing to tarnish our cherished organisational image hence we deliver nothing short of quality to you, because to get to where we want to be is only possible with you.

Simplicity is key with us. If you cannot make it simple, you don’t understand it, and if you don’t understand it, you cannot make it simple. We seek to understand your security concerns. We come up with simple yet effective value-adding security initiatives

We don’t go around in circles. Time is important to us. We know time is crucial to your businesses. We carry you along all the way. We let you know: What we’re doing, how we’re going about it and how our security service approach adds value to your business.

Our Security Guard Service provides Residential, Commercial and Industrial security services in diverse range of sectors, ranging from schools and hospitals to construction sites and retail premises.


Our commitment:

  • Working closely with our clients to make sure that we meet and exceed expectations
  • Continually improve our services
  • Developing of our staff
  • Offering quality services at competitive prices
  • Ensuring that all our operations fully comply with all relevant Standards.