At Kong Security, we are your partner in security:
Kong Security Service is a unique partnership formed by experienced and dedicated individuals whose careers in public safety, risk management and security analysis cover many years in local as well as international operations and assignment.
Our aim is to contribute to a safer society. This entails a safety and security infrastructure, which we operate as a network of moving, talking and interacting parts.
We apply resources when and where they are needed in an ever changing environment. Read more>>

Security Survey

e examine the risks these assets are exposed to, and review the measures that are in place to protect them and to mitigate liability.

Threat analysis

Kong security service comes in handy to identify areas that may pose security threat to your particular interests; currently and in the future.

Security Training

This is for security managers, guards and indeed individuals. In many incidents, victims contribute to their own insecurity.

Guarding Services

Our guards are fully trained in vigilance, public relations, punctuality and smartness in dress. We have in place strict supervision system of guards, and as well carry out regular reviews with clients so as to identify areas where improvement may be necessary

Back-up services

Residential Panic. Button Residential. Automatic System. Commercial Panic Button. Commercial Automatic System

Our Services

Back-up services