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We train our personnel in various fields in order to effectively tackle all challenges in their areas of responsibility.

The training covers:

    • Qualities of Security Guard
    • Roles & Duties of a Security Guard
    • Public Relations & Customer Care
    • Access Control & Surveillance Detection
    • Criminal Prevention & Offences
    • Fire Safety Awareness
    • Search Procedures
    • Guarding and Patrolling Methods
    • Communication Skills
    • Physical Security Awareness
    • First Aid and Accidents (Emergencies) Management
    • Observation Techniques
    • Guarding Key Points and Installation
    • Terrorism Awareness
    • Handing and Taking over Procedures
    • Finance Management
    • Discipline and Parades-salute, walking and marching
    • Arrest Procedures
    • Report Writing

Services & Products 

Kong security service Ltd offers the best option for cost effective and reliable security services.

Our services and products include:

Vision and Mission


To become the leading providers of security solutions to individuals and cooperative clients in Kenya.


To provide quality security services to our customers using the latest technology/ liaison with our partners, clients and government security agents. 

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Guards Training

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 Technical Ability

Our operations are coordinated using motor vehicles, motor cycles, Bicycles, modern radio equipments, and mobile phones for effective communications.