Member of Protective Security Industry Association...

CORE VALUES:    We believe in offering:

  • Quality training to our personnel
  • Discipline- Our guards are ever punctual, smart and alert.
  • Integrity- We provide open, honest and mature guards.
  • Excellent performance- We believe in offering our customers the best of our services to meet their expectations
  • Welfare and growth- We believe that for us to offer good services, we must take care of our human resource to include employee’s welfare. The company is sensitive to the changing security environment, to this we Endeavour to inco-operate new innovations and strategies to counter future threat.

Services & Products 

Kong security service Ltd offers the best option for cost effective and reliable security services.

Our services and products include:

Vision and Mission


To become the leading providers of security solutions to individuals and cooperative clients in Kenya.


To provide quality security services to our customers using the latest technology/ liaison with our partners, clients and government security agents. 

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Guards Training

Human resources are the pillars of any security service and with that in mind, Marco Security Ltd has taken a step in security training services in Kenya....Read More>

 Technical Ability

Our operations are coordinated using motor vehicles, motor cycles, Bicycles, modern radio equipments, and mobile phones for effective communications.